All in Flow

Workflow management

With Dabu Flow, you receive support with your day-to-day activities, from planning and processing through to monitoring and supervising the work. This is thanks to task management, firstly, and, secondly, thanks to digital process support.

Workflow, planning and task management

First, plan out the work steps and assign them to the individuals or teams responsible, so everyone knows what to do at all times.

Online integrations: process enquiries, orders

Thanks to the direct connection to online forms and login areas, collaboration between the parties involved is greatly simplified. From appointment requests, lead management, and course registration to online purchases – your work is done in just a few clicks. Webhooks can trigger processes and send notifications, if necessary.

Management and monitoring of uncompleted tasks

With Dabu Flow, work can be undertaken regularly and automatically, from the billing of outstanding services to subscriptions and licences, through to the procurement of products.